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Your First Visit at Mills Dental Care

Warm, Friendly Care in Port Moresby

We want your time with us to be as relaxing as possible. At Mills Dental Care, our dentists understand that it’s normal to feel nervous about seeing a new oral health care provider for the first time. Fortunately, our friendly staff and variety of sleep dentistry options can put your mind at ease.

New Patient Appointments

Once you arrive at our clinic, we’ll have you fill out an acquaintance form to help us get to know you a bit better. The short survey allows us to familiarise ourselves with your history of dental care and any specific concerns that you may have.

Then, one of our dental assistants will escort you into the treatment room, where you will meet with one of our dentists to discuss any particular questions or dental concerns. Our dentist will complete a thorough exam of all of your teeth and soft tissues, ordering a series of digital X-rays if necessary.

  • Dental service is fast, reliable and quality. I am satisfied with the treatment that I have received and would like to recommend Mills Dental Care.
    -Theodore W.
  • Despite it was my first time the reception, Doctor and his Assistants were exceptional. Didn’t even feel like I was new because of their warm and welcoming manners.
    -Elijah J.
  • Very professional and clean. Dentist very informative. First rate practice. Have already recommended to my friends.
    -Michael S.
  • I highly recommended Mills Dental Care. They are very helpful, personable, professional and caring.
    -Cherie P
  • Personally, I was overwhelmed with the heartwarming welcome by the staff, right from the Front Desk to the Dentist who checked my tooth. It was my first time to attend to a private dental clinic. I have no idea how a dental clinic looks like but Mills Dental Care for sure had state of art equipment, professional staff and the clinic itself was of high standard. I would also like to commend the Dentist who treated me, actually took my tooth out. I did not feel a pain as I was laying there, only to find out that my tooth was taken out within less than 30seconds. Thank you Mills Dental Care for your outstanding service to me and also the people of PNG.
    -Frank R.
  • I’m not much of someone who visits the Dental clinic regularly but after my treatment, I’m happy with the service and also like to make it my business to visit Mills Dental on a regular basis..
    -Gabriel S.
  • The best service. Ever smiling staff.
    - Amy L.
  • Exceptional Service and experience.
    -Poyep K.
  • The email follow ups and appointment reminders is refreshingly efficient.
    -Neville C.
  • Very grateful for your service. My son and I have a different approach starting the new year 2024 of course with a beautiful smile.
    - Ani H.
  • Great ocean views. Professional and friendly staff. I have recommended it to my circle of friends.
  • You are a customer centric organization and i can honestly say that your services are second to none. More so you are well set up with the necessary equipment required for your speciality which makes the job of very experienced doctors alot easier.

    In fact, my first impression is seeing expatriates Doctors, which signal a message to us as patients that our problems will be solved and to very high standards. I walked away very satisfied yesterday evening. Thank you!

    -Nelson K.
  • Great oral health provider! No hesitation to recommend to anyone.
    -Chaminda S.
  • Very professional and highly recommend to others…
    - Matthew G.
  •  It was a great experience at the Dentist. I felt comfortable and not judged and I could by myself.
    Also, the environment was calm and relaxing and the staff very professional and helpful.
    - Freda K.
  • The service was excellent and the environment was welcoming as well. Thank you.
    -Alfred B.
  • My first impression: The service you provide is very efficient and customer-oriented, will always refer to my friends and family because of the excellent service you provide.
  • My first visit was just excellent, friendly welcome, atmosphere was just great, attentive was fast and perfect.
    -Roger A.
  • It was a great experience of best customer service.
    -Margaret K.
  • Very impressed and will keep recommending others for the service, as it is just wonderful to have such a professional and high standard quality service here in Port Moresby.
    -Sally G.
  • First time receiving service, however impressed with service delivery.
    -Josephine K.
  • It was my first time to visit on the 1st of March 2024, the location and the set up was spectacular.

    I was warmly greeted by the friendly staff.
    I had a good chat with the dentist (expatriate) explaining my dental issue in simple Tok Pisin.
    The facility was clean and well organized. I just already felt that my dental problems were going to be solved right away.
    Can’t wait to fix all my dental issues.


    -Edrina P.
  • Swift and professional
    - Sonia S.
  • Established a rapport with your team very easily; an extremely professional experience!
    -Ian B.
  • I am very impressed with the way my son was treated, from start to end!
    -Edward M.
  • Professional staff with classic services.
    -Siga R.
  • Felt very comfortable once I walked in the office.
    -Manjit S.
  • I am grateful that I found a Dental Clinic who are family oriented and very friendly staff. We have decided Mill Dental Care will be our dental clinic.
    -Dew O.
  • I find it more welcoming, and the service is very good with good and clear explanations to what the process of the nature of the dental health issues were.

    All in all the service is perfect and the staff are very polite and helpful. Thank you Team and the Management.


    -Cathy K.
  •  I was pleased with your service. Excellent service
    - Elailak K.
  • Friendly and helpful front desk staff. Dental team was great too. I will recommend to other friends and family.
  •  I had a very pleasant experience and was really impressed with the efficiency and duty of care provided by the Mills team from the front office support to the doctors- thank you Mills Dentail.
    -Fiona T.
  • Very friendly and helpful staff and the whitening of my teeth was excellent, I Loved the experience.
    - Sarah N.
  • I really appreciated it that you gave me a courtesy call after two days, just to check on my progress. Thanks for the excellent service. Keep it up.
    -Laura K.
  • Whenever my family members have dental issues, I will take them to MILLS Dental Care.
    Because they have modern equipment and friendly staff.
    - Robert L.
  • On a mid-term deployment in Port Moresby, I required some urgent dental advice. Professional practice, friendly staff, clean and secure premises. Highly recommend and would attend again.
    - Clint U.
  • My 1st dental visit i was too scared but your staff were too good and helped me get out of my fear. I can not wait for my next visit .
    - Goa R.

Please reserve approximately half an hour for this first visit. Should you require any treatment, we will review your options with you and begin therapy on the same day if you prefer. We understand that dental care can interfere with your other commitments, so we desire to reduce the number of trips made to our clinic when at all possible. Every appointment should count!


Same-day appointments are always available. Contact us today  to schedule your first visit with us.

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