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Mills Dental Care Patient Testimonials

  • Keep up the very professional and quality service.
    -Maria H.
  • Great customer service with professional support staff and dentists. Dr. Mills surely restored my smile. Highly recommended to anyone with dental issues.
    -Wilfred P.
  • Encouraging to see the staff responsiveness towards patients and the quick response by doctors in attending to appointments. Was a great relief to be treated so quickly.
    -Hassan R.
  • I highly recommend Mills Dental Care to other business friends and family.
    -Joanne B.
  • Mills Dental lived up to the hype provided by friends and clients. I was told this was a great place to go and I was not let down. Thanks, Mills Dental. Cheers
    -Trish M.
  • My kids are excited and looking forward to our next visit.
    - Morris N.
  • Doctor’s conversing with the patient in a natural friendly way eases the uncertainty and settles the stress of ‘what’s going to happen now’.
    -Geregana V.
  • We are glad to have a great dentist we can go to!
    -Allie D.
  • Nice to finally get some service in Port Moresby, thank you.
    -Dougles C.
  • I think you all are very helpful and organized. Thanks for taking care of me!
    -Phyllis M.
  • Friendly staff and great doctor. Definitely recommending your practice to friends and colleagues.
    -Elisha B.
  • I was mesmerized by the dentist assigned to me so efficient and fast. Local staff are helpful and cheerful. Clinic is clean and well organized. Thank u for your service. We’ll recommend.
    - Sheila G.
  • The service provided is of high professional standard and would like to recommend for others to seek dental service at Mills.
    -Nancy R.
  • All good, location was very nice. Inside and outside. Doctors and the rest of the staff were very friendly and professional.
  • Your customer service and smiles and how Wilhelmina went through her first visit at the dentist was something to remember a long way. Well trained staff and it’s more of a family environment.
    -Wilhelmina S.
  • An all around calm and welcoming dental clinic.
    -Abigail P.
  • The service was efficiently and professionally done.
    -Henakay K.
  • I appreciate the email correspondence and friendly reminders and follow ups before and after appointments.
    -Ryan F.
  • I would like to thank the staff at Mills Dental Care for the excellent dental service they’ve provided to my 6 year old son. It was great seeing my son smile again.
    -Solomon K.
  • I was warmly recommended your services and I have already recommended you to 2 other good friends!
  • Mills Dental Care is a very professional and friendly team who I will certainly use again and would recommend to others without hesitation.
    -Gavin W.
  • Thank you for checking up on me after my appointment. It was very thoughtful. I also liked how the dentists treated me. They were very nice, understanding and approachable. Lastly, your location is just awesome. I was occupied with the view and forgot about the actual pain when the tooth extraction was going on.
    -Pamella K.
  • The patience of the staff. They were also very pleasant which made my kids feel comfortable.
  • Love the cleanliness and the professionalism of everyone there.
    - Inoke V.
  • I was the one who was late, but the staff were willing to wait for me and assisted me.
    -Tova N.
  • Very pleased with the overall service.
    -Mea V.
  • A very good clinic seeing as how I had an emergency broken tooth, and they saw to me ASAP!
    -Neville F.
  • Keep up the good customer service and the dental health services!
    -Michaella R.

Mills Dental service was the best compared to other Dental clinics that I usually go to in Port Moresby.

Cecilia T.

Lovely view and great staff, were very supportive and explained to me what they can do to help me. I will be booking in for the advice that I got, see you all soon.

Lawrence A.

On my first ever visit, I find Mills Dental Care appears to be one of the rare and unique dental clinics around PNG. Administration staffs upto the medical practitioners were very friendly and helpful at all level. Thank you.

Jason R.

Keep doing what y'all are doing. A very professional and positive work culture you guys have there, something I would love to see in all other business houses in PNG.

Magela W.

Definitely one of the best practices for dental care that I've experienced. The consultation prior to actual treatment was well above standard and I would recommend others to your clinic.

Salkimut K.

I was very impressed with the set-up, service, behavior and professionalism of the staff. I highly recommend this service, and will continue to seek care when required.

Vincent P.

I felt welcomed and safe. I feel dental work or anything medical related is quite vulnerable for me personally, and having caring and genuine medical professionals take care of me earns my loyalty and trust. I'd come back here again. I've also heard a lot of good things about this dental clinic - and the confidence I had was boosted even more. Thank you Mills Dental Staff!

Jodi M.

Thank you so much for your excellent service. I was worried for my little one Semisi but as soon as we walked in the setting just made us feel welcome and the smiles and friendly approach by the lovely ladies at the reception was warm and welcoming. Not only that but the Dr Marica More was very gentle and very professional. Believe it or not! My Semisi is talking about coming back and seeing the doctor, thank you all. We looking forward to our next visit.

Semisi H.

Staff were friendly and welcoming. I appreciated that all treatment options were explained clearly to me, and the team made sure I understood before I made the decision for my preferred treatment plan. Great service provided, I am looking forward to my next dental appointment with Mills!


My daughter was scared about our visit. But walked out all in smile paying careful attention to her Dentist. She even wrote a story and drew a picture for her Dentist while we were there. The Dentist warmly embraced the gesture by my daughter. When we left she said mummy I'm not scared anymore I really really like my Dentist and will do as he tells me.


Overall, I was pretty impressed with the service. The Front office Team was brilliant and friendly. I also thought the doctors were very friendly and helpful. Explained to me what my options were and which option I should take for the better. Great service. Clinic setting in my option was very open which was different, that's the point of difference. The view - awesome. Great experience. Thank you.


It was my first visit to the Dental clinic and I was pleased to see how organised the staff were. Dr R Pilito served me for my first ever Teeth Cleaning. Very well done with his assistant. I recommend Mills Dental Care to the general public if they intend to visit. It's the place to be. Congratulations to the hard working staff at Mills Dental Care.


My first experience with the clinic was exceptional for a dental visit. Thank you to the friendly and helpful team at the clinic. Your customer service was great and the doctor and assistant that took care of me were very patient with the long cleaning process, about 2hrs.


The treatment that I am being offered by Mills Dental Care is being provided in a matter of days, which is fantastic as I have been trying to get the same treatment in the UK (both through the NHS and privately) for the last two years without success. The rooms and facilities are in excellent condition and in a luxurious setting, the quality of the treatment from all of the staff I have been treated by so far is of the highest standard. The cost of treatment is reasonable in comparison to private dental care in the UK but it is hard to make a comparison because, though I have been receiving dental treatment for over sixty years, Mills Dental Care has provided me with the best experience I have ever had - and that is priceless.


Mills dental clinic is very professional, the treatment of the staff at the reception counter to the doctor attending to patients query was very understanding. To be honest, I enjoyed the treatment and the customer service by the staff. I've been to other dental clinics but none have come close to this. The treatment was effortlessly done, I did not feel any pain afterwards and I am healing quickly. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

The best dental service I've received thus far, I have been to other private clinic but Mills has turn out to be the best from booking, to meeting the receptionist and waiting not more than 20 minutes to be served and the treatment as well is above standard. I would recommend it to anyone.

What really stood out for me was that this is the first time in all my dentist appointments (and I've been to a few) the practitioner kept me informed every step of the procedure (triple root canal therapy). This immensely helped in calming my nerves while he worked on my teeth and I was able to relax through it all. I appreciated that. The clinic was clean and inviting, the staff pleasant, professional and attentive. The overall experience was excellent. I would highly recommend to anyone.

I will return for a thorough dental clean up of all my remaining teeth both upper and lower. My first experiences with your dental services was splendid and very efficient. And that the doctor (dentist) who attended to me was super kind and very professional in his work. Also he can communicate well in Tok Pidgin, which to me was a bonus for him, and that shall resonate to all other ordinary PNGeans when they come to your dental clinic. The overall services provided to me were kind, professional and superb and I will return to your clinic for all dental related services in the future. Your work environment was clean, very hygienic and well kept and the costs were reasonable and affordable by all standards for all medical experiences. I came out as a satisfied customer and I shall return soon as my wounds are healed and I am better.

The staff there were very professional and understanding of what it must feel like for me on my first ever visit to the dentist. Apart from carrying out the initial procedure which I was there for, they also identified other problems with my teeth that will need to be taken care of. I am glad I chose Mills Dental Care and I am certain that I will be back soon for another appointment. Thumbs up to the team at Mills Dental Care.

Very friendly staff and very understanding. Thorough and helpful explanations and made me feel relaxed. Janice

The staff at the reception and medical clinic are so caring and very attentive. The Doctor is a very willing listener with great advice on options available. Great humour and nurses are brilliant assistants. Couldn't ask for more.

Thank you for allowing my Daughter experince this in a fun and enjoyable way. She cannot wait for her next visit.

I was so pleased to see, and be seen, by such a professional practice. I will definitely be recommending you, as the best dentists in POM.

I had a very good experience both with the doctor and staff. Thanks a lot.

For a first timer I was very amazed at the exceptional customer service and happy to say I was very happy at the practicing doctor for explaining my problem in detail and letting me know the costs.

The professionalism is top notch. Ended up much more help than I expected going in.

It was my first time in a very long time to get my tooth removed and I must say I was very much impressed. I would rate Mills Dental Care as a Go-to Dental clinic to anyone seeking a Dental check.

Very friendly, clean & good communication of appointment reminders. I was given an alternate dental treatment apart from the last resort which was extraction so I opted to save my tooth. Thank you for your service & Well done!

Great experience, no pain! Dr and staff were very efficient. The practice is to standard and modern. Dr ensured that I was comfortable during the root canal (my first) no pain. I will be coming back for all my dental requirements.

Although it was my first time to experience the Dental Clinic, it was like home to me. Welcoming and the smiles on the employees face makes me feel at home and not like a stranger walking into the Clinic. Thank you Mills Dental for the warmth and friendliness of the Clinic that you give to your patience.

This is my second visit to Mills Dental Care. I had my teeth cleaned the first time and now a dental filling fixed. I have always been satisfied with Mills. Doctor Hamadani and Haqiqi are the best! This is my best dental care experience here in PNG. Thank you so much.

It was during COVID-19 shut down, but I was attended to very quickly. Did not wait long. Telephone call to them was answered right away. I am so impressed with their response and service provided. Keep it up.

Very friendly staff and I found the dentist Dr. Meraat Haqiqi very helpful in his explanations regarding my issues. Was very satisfying indeed. I would recommend Mills Dental Care to my friends and family!

Like everyone, I do not look forward to going to the Dentist. Thank you Dr. Hamadani for making me feel at ease, and making the experience as least tense as possible.

The dental doctor was so kind and always willing to me as a patient. He explained all procedures well and offered options. The staff were absolutely amazing. Want to go to mills dental clinic for all my dental checkups including my family.

I would like to to thank you for the dental clean and checkup I had. I will try to make this annual checkup. Thank you once again to the doctor and the friendly team. Cheers from Madang!

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