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Careers at Mills Dental Care

At Mills Dental Care we look for clinical staff based on their ability to go beyond their training and whom genuinely wish to develop long-lasting relationships with patients.

Our philosophy is based upon true preventative dentistry. We educate our patients on the benefits of maintaining oral health care and not just addressing short-term issues.

Our staff are not just employees but members of a health team that support and help each other. If you think this sounds like you, please email us: or

Mills Dental Care

Established in 1989, Mills Dental Care is one of Papua New Guinea’s oldest and most experienced oral health service providers. Serving the oral health care needs of all communities resident in Papua New Guinea we ensure the highest levels of quality and excellence in dental care. Our doctors, auxiliary specialists and staff are highly skilled and always conscious about patient comfort and customer service.

CONFIDENTIALITY: All Practice Members should be aware of the need to preserve strict
confidentiality in dealing with patients and should not disclose information obtained in confidence
except to authorized persons or organization as instructed.
The jobholder will be in possession of personal details of staff and clients and other confidential
information. This must not be discussed or divulged to any unauthorized person. Any such instance
would result in dismissal.

EQUALITY & DIVERSITY: It is the responsibility of all employees to support Mills Dental Care’s
vision of promoting a positive approach to diversity and equality of opportunity to eliminate
discrimination and disadvantage in service delivery and employment, and to manage, support or
comply through the implementation of the our Equal Opportunities Policy.

DATA PROTECTION: It is the responsibility of each member of staff to ensure that all data, whether
computerized or manual, is kept secure at all times. This includes data relating to patients and other
members of staff. Data must not be disclosed to any unauthorized person and must be regarded as
strictly confidential at all times. Failure to adhere to this instruction will be regarded as serious
misconduct and could lead to dismissal.


If you’re searching for a wonderful dental employment opportunity in Papua New Guinea, please contact us today!

CAREERS – Mills Dental Care

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